Why Eastern Idaho

America’s Premier Region for Science, Technology & Research

The region, known as the Eastern Idaho Corridor, is anchored by Idaho National Labratory (INL), the Department of Energey’s largest U.S. site.  Eastern Idaho is the state’s center of research and development leading the way in innovation in energy, cyber security, advanced materials with an emerging industry cluster in nuclear medicine.

Over 30,000 students register every semester between major universities within the region – University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Brigham Young University-Idaho, and College of Eastern Idaho – Eastern Idaho has one of the country’s largest group of millennials living in one area.

Science, Technology, & Research

890 square miles of high desert is home to one of the largest Department of Energy (DOE) sites in America supporting a range of breakthrough technologies via three major entities.

Higher Education

The University of Idaho, Idaho State University,  Brigham Young University-Idaho and College of Eastern Idaho register over 30,000 students every semester to create a large base of educated, ready-to-work talent.

Mining, Refining & Processing

Almost every important miner – minus coal – can be found throughout Idaho.  Eastern Idaho, prime for mineral deposits, extraction, refining and processing, has enough minerals to meet our needs for hundreds of years.   


Three modern hospitals, a cancer center and cardiac center, local patients are those in surrounding states are offered a full range of in- and outpatient services.


Eastern Idaho is known as “Millennial City USA”, home to one of the country’s largest groups of young talent. Businesses and potential new industries looking to tap into a large pool of ready-to-work talent to fill jobs will find Eastern Idaho one of the best places in the nation to find employees.