Smith Forensic Accounting: David Smith of Smith and Company CPAs PLLC, recently sold the traditional tax and accounting services normally provided by a local accounting firm to Rudd and Company PLLC. Along with the sale, the firm began doing business as Smith Forensic Accounting.

Forensic Accounting is the art and science of applying investigative techniques in accounting and financial matters. Generally, forensic accounting is used to settle legal disputes. Forensic accounting services are commonly used in lost profits analysis, fraud, bankruptcy, breach of fiduciary duty, counter-terrorism, financial misrepresentation, intangible asset identification and valuation, marital dissolution, personal injury, reasonable royalty, wrongful death and wrongful termination cases.

Smith and Company CPAs has been providing business valuation services since 1995 for divorce cases, dissenting stockholder suits, estate and gift tax planning, and commercial damages. In addition to the valuation of businesses, the firm also provides machinery and equipment appraisals. The firm is a member of the Financial Consulting Group L.P. with 93 offices in over 30 states and three foreign countries.

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