In 2011, registered voters in the City of Idaho Falls elected to create an Auditorium District for the direct purpose of constructing and maintaining a multi-purpose event center that will deliver multiple benefits to our community.


The Idaho Falls Event Center will have the capacity to seat 4,000 – 6,000 people. In contrast, the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium seats 1,891 and the Colonial Theater seats 988. The larger venue enables a more dynamic and diverse environment by creating unique entertainment, recreational, and commercial experiences. Headlining concerts, comedians and entertainers will enjoy entertaining year-round in an enclosed venue.


The Event Center will attract a new and different level of entertainment including opportunities for local entertainment/recreation businesses. The facility will have the capacity to host professional Ice Hockey, Disney on Ice, concerts, motocross and monster truck shows, dance recitals, graduations, banquets, conferences and trade shows. Idaho Falls will have the venue to host state tournaments and youth athletic events.


Local opportunities and entertainment means local dollars remain local and the Event Center will serve as a catalyst for domestic investment. Salt Lake City or Boise residents will travel to Idaho Falls to watch concerts, soccer and basketball tournaments or attend conferences and trade shows.


Larger, multi-day events will be easily accommodated with the Event Center. Boat, RV, ATV, snowmachine, hunting, fishing and outdoor trade shows can utilize Idaho Falls proximity to world renowned outdoor activities.


The Event Center will promote social and cultural development in local communities while improving the opportunity for education and training of the local labor force.


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