Science, Technology & Research

Eastern Idaho is anchored with the largest concentration of higher education opportunities in Idaho, a Department of Energy national laboratory, three additional major science and research labs, and advanced manufacturing.  

Higher Education

Two major universities, Idaho State University (ISU) and Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I) having an average of 30,000 total registered students every semester. University Place – Houses ISU Polytechnic Institute, University of Idaho satellite campus, and College of Eastern Idaho.

Mining, Refining & Processing

Almost every important mineral – minus coal – can be found throughout Idaho.  Eastern Idaho, a prime location for mineral deposits, extraction and refining, has enough minerals to meet America’s needs for hundreds of years.  The region’s jobs are 11 percent above the national average.


Three modern hospitals, a cancer center and cardiac center, local patients are those in surrounding states are offered a full range of in- and outpatient services.