Breeding Ground for Innovation & Education

Eastern Idaho is home to several of Idaho’s top colleges and universities:  University of Idaho  , Idaho State University , Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I) and College of Eastern Idaho .  Over 30,000 students register ever semester to create a large base of educated, ready-to-work talent to support a wide range of industries. BYU-I is the safest college campus in the nation.  (ALL THESE LINKS NEED TO ALSO GO ON THE TALENT PAGE UNDER EDUCATION & TALENT.  USE THE BYU PHOTO INSTEAD OF THE GRAPHIC)

The Center for Advanced Energy Research (CAES)  is a research and educational consortium between Boise State University, Idaho State University, the University of Idaho, the University of Wyoming, and the Idaho National Laboratory.

CAES boasts a laboratory that contains a four-walled 3D computer assisted virtual environment, or CAVE, that allows scientists and engineers to literally walk into their data and examine it. CAES also houses an IQ-station and a portable 3D system. 

Idaho State University is home to the Idaho Accelerator Center. The Center contains 10 operating accelerators for university, INL and private sector research in specialized nuclear facilities, and serves as a principal investigating conduit for R&D in nuclear physics applications in materials science, biology, homeland and national security.